Security Health Plan secure website Terms of Use:

My Security Health Plan is a program administered by Security Health Plan free of charge to members. It allows members to electronically access portions of their or their dependent's health information from Security Health Plan’s electronic records if they consent to the following terms and also verify their identities by providing certain security information every time they seek access. The following conditions apply to anyone who wishes to use the site.

THE RISKS OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS: There are potential risks associated with receiving information via Internet transmission, including (for example) timeliness of receipt, availability of information due to technical or other problems, and the security of information. By using My Security Health Plan, you recognize and accept these risks. My Security Health Plan portal, and any information provided on the site, are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. ALTHOUGH SECURITY HEALTH PLAN WILL STRIVE TO ENSURE THE AVAILABILITY AND ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION ON  MY SECURITY HEALTH PLAN SITE, SECURITY HEALTH PLAN DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE INFORMATION ON THE MY SECURITY HEALTH PLAN SITE WILL BE AVAILABLE, ACCURATE OR USEFUL. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, SECURITY HEALTH PLAN CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, EVEN IF YOU TELL US OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

YOUR PRIVACY AND SECURITY: State and federal laws regulate the sharing of identifiable health information, and Security Health Plan cannot provide information in a manner contrary to these laws. By using My Security Health Plan: You agree not to knowingly violate these or other laws, or cause Security Health Plan to do so, and you accept the consequences of any violation brought about by your actions. In particular, you agree that you will not knowingly access health information which you are not authorized to access, and that you will be responsible for any damage suffered by others if you seek such access; you recognize and accept that while Security Health Plan will strive to protect your privacy, there remains some risk of inappropriate disclosure of health information, and you agree that Security Health Plan is not responsible for such disclosures if they are caused by others; you recognize and accept that while you may at any time withdraw your consent for Security Health Plan to provide your health information on My Security Health Plan, it may take as long as three business days for your withdrawal to become effective; you agree not to provide your security information to others, and that you will notify Security Health Plan immediately upon learning of or suspecting that others have any of your security information, or upon learning of or suspecting that others are accessing My Security Health Plan using your security information or personal information without your authorization. Information may not be complete or accurate. The information provided on My Security Health Plan reflects certain information present in Security Health Plan’s electronic records. Technical problems, or other problems such as typographical errors or the failure of others to communicate relevant information to Security Health Plan, may result in incomplete and/or inaccurate health information. Therefore, if you have any questions about the completeness or accuracy of your personal health information on My Security Health Plan, you should contact your health care provider. Access is not guaranteed. Access to My Security Health Plan, and to your health information, is not guaranteed and may be discontinued at any time, including (for example) times of technical difficulties, and under circumstances where it is believed that the security of information is at risk. It is possible that access to information might at some time be allowed to some users but denied to others. Access may also be denied in circumstances where the site is used in a manner inconsistent with Security Health Plan’s policies, including (for example) attempts to access information for which the user has no authorization to receive, and use of the site in a manner which is unduly burdensome for Security Health Plan’s computer resources. If you have questions, do not use e-mail. If you have questions about your health information, DO NOT e-mail your health care provider directly. E-mail is generally not a secure form of communication. Instead, you should contact your health care provider by telephone, by Secure Messaging through My Security Health Plan or in person to resolve any questions. Secure Messaging is similar in nature to e-mail, however, performed securely via My Security Health Plan. Your health care provider cannot guarantee that they will answer your Secure Message within a certain time frame. Secure Messaging should be used for non-urgent messages only and is limited to: Appointment scheduling, confirmation of appointments, routine follow up inquiries, non-urgent diagnoses or conditions.

Security Health Plan may change the Terms of Use at any time. If we change this Terms of Use, we will notify you and ask you to electronically sign a new consent.

TERMS OF USE: I wish to use My Security Health Plan to view my health information (and/or my dependent’s information) from Security Health Plan’s electronic records (as described in the Release of Health Information Authorization) via Internet transmission to the My Security Health Plan web site. I have read the Terms of Use above, including the risks of electronic communications. You understand Security Health Plan cannot guarantee that communication via Secure Messaging will be free from technical difficulties, such as a loss of messages. You understand that information communicated by means of Secure Messaging will be placed in your Security Health Plan electronic record.